Lessons learned from digital transformation of inspections - EHS Daily Advisor - 8/25/2021

Every buzzword represents an idea that may not be as good as its implementation. How do we gain the benefits implied by the name "digital transformation" -- dramatic improvements in performance, agility, and business intelligence that result from putting digital technology at the heart of our business processes -- with as few hiccups as possible along the way?

Lessons learned from digital transformation practitioners can help. For instance, they can:

Help us see what specific benefits we're likely to gain, rather than platitudes about "better safety" or "lower cost", which helps us set realistic expectations for executives

Help us understand the difficulties that arise from personal or corporate-culture objections to our transformation efforts

Help us communicate to keep every part of our organization aligned, nurture employees who might be reluctant to make changes, and demonstrate success.

This webinar includes lessons learned from our customers (though we won't always be able to name them) that could help safety professionals manage the digital transformation of inspections within their organizations.