People, not things: Becoming interdisciplinary safety enablers - EHS Now - 9/23/2021

In complex and uncertain times, it's more important than ever that our organizations see safety personnel as open, honest, transparent and, above all, helpful. To achieve that goal, safety professionals should consider making a shift -- from inspecting things and saying "no" to supporting people in their efforts to help themselves achieve safer, higher-quality outcomes.

Join us for a fireside chat with Keith Hole, a.k.a. the Safety Man, and Jake Freivald, VP or Product Marketing of Fulcrum. They'll discuss:

How to empower new starters and returning workers whose skills have faded

How to gain the trust of front-line workers and high-level stakeholders alike to achieve maximum alignment and outcomes

How to ditch the paper checklist

How to make the shift from inspecting things to becoming cross-disciplinary safety enablers

The part that data and technology plays in achieving these goals