Let’s Build a Safety Culture…or Not! - EHS Daily Advisor - 10/13/2021

Let’s build a safety culture!...whose with me? Afterall, that’s what we strive to do. That’s what is expected of us. We like to talk about safety culture and we like to work hard at building a safety culture. We might even talk about how we can build a safety culture by implementing a safety management system.

What if I told you, there is no such thing as a safety culture? It doesn’t exist. That’s akin to blasphemy in the EHS world! The reality is that there is only organizational culture that safety can play a part in. I know that you get that. We all do, but we still talk about safety culture like it’s our mission. It’s time to start talking about how we integrate safety into the corporate culture.

You’ll learn how to:

Identify components of a corporate culture

Define safety in corporate terms

Define safety in operational terms

Identify opportunities to integrate safety into the corporate culture

Develop your plan to integrate safety into the corporate culture

Speaker: Patrick J. Karol, President - Karol Safety Consulting, Inc. Pat’s work in the safety field began as a front-line supervisor with safety as a collateral duty, and now involves advising senior leaders on strategies to reduce risk. His experience includes over 20 years in the corporate safety departments of two Fortune 200 companies and the Federal government. Pat currently works as an independent safety and health consultant specializing in strategic safety planning, safety leadership workshops and motivational speaking.